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In Praise of Empires: Globalization and Order

In Praise of Empires: Globalization and Order

Author: Deepak Lal (Professor of Economics, UCLA)

In this timely and controversial book, economist Deepak Lal explores the twin themes of empires and globalization and discusses the place of the US in the current world order. Lal argues that not since the fall of the Roman empire has there been a potential imperial power like the United States today, and asks the question: Is a US imperium needed for the globalization which breeds prosperity? What form should this empire take? Would US domestic politics support this? Would the US tendency to see itself as a moral nation pursuing "universal values" such as democracy, equality and rights run into resistance from other non-western Christian societies? The US has already faced hostile coalitions. What is the history and nature of resistance to US hegemony? Lal explores the Islamic threat to the position of the US and the current "war on terror."
"A fascinating study that addresses some of the most important economic and geopolitical issues of the day. Deepak Lal's thought-provoking analysis, which displays his customary erudition, forces us to look afresh at questions of governance in the contemporary world. He does so by examining the contribution that empires have made to the structure of
governance over the centuries."--Anne O Krueger, First Deputy Managing Director, IMF

"Penetrating, engaging, well argued, and decidedly unconventional"- John Mueller, Department of Political Science, Ohio State University

"Perhaps only someone with a background as cosmopolitan as Deepak Lal's and a willingness to trespass across disciplinary boundaries could have written such an insightful, forceful, and iconoclastic defence of imperialism which underlines the close relationship between globalization, prosperity, peace, and empire. Any social scientist working in the United States who is willing to write that the United Nations 'is of little use and in a rational world would be wound up' should not be ignored."--Stephen D. Krasner, Graham H. Stuart Professor of International Relations, Stanford University.

"A brilliant and provocative scourge of pious thinking on international politics"--Paul Collier, University of Oxford.
Palgrave Macmillan Publishers
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