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Empowering Africa

Empowering Africa is a non profit organization whose mission is to help African children and teens learn valuable social skills while at the same time empowering them through access to computers, computer education and the internet, outside of their normal school schedule.

Empowering Africa's first and main program called "Church Computer Clubs" will launch in Zambia in 2007, and later be expanded to other countries throughout Southern Africa. We aim at having programs and program leaders in place in most African countries by 2012. "Church Computer Clubs" works with local churches in Africa to set "after school" computer clubs that are funded by Empowering Africa and run locally by the Church administrators.

We help selected churches develop their program and hire and train staff, usually one moderator with IT and teaching skills who can develop a curriculum, and one or more staff to provide general help, assistance and surveillance when members are using computers outside of Computer Club class time. Members gain access and use the communication and information resources of the Internet for learning IT and social skills and cross-cultural dialogue.

Additionally, the Clubs will offer elective value-based educational workshops and education as well as AIDS prevention education.

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