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Laina's Orphans In South Africa

Laina's Orphans In South Africa

4Laina's Orphans In South Africa (4L.O.I.S.A.) is an organization that helps the littlest victims of aids, poverty, abuse and crime. These children have been either abandoned, orphaned, or just suffering due to the aids epidemic sweeping the continent of Africa. 1/3 of the population of Africa has the aids virus .

Laina is the founder of this organization. Since her return from South Africa she has put all her efforts into making life good for the unfortunate children in her homeland.

The donations from her fund raisers are sent to aunty Maureen Gerieke to buy food, clothing and any other necessities needed at the Home of Hope, Sky street township and Keep Me Safe Home.

The Albany bread company gives 150 loaves of bread every Thursday which is picked up by aunty Maureen and aunty Joyce and delivered to the above named establishments.

On Fridays fresh veggies are donated by Palco DeFreitas (Costa Farms) and Tommy Wright (S&T Farms) also delivered by the aunties.

The wonderful ladies that look after the children at Home of Hope are Ronel and Winfred, Minnie at Sky str and Rebecca at Keep me safe. These ladies are a God send!

The organization is based on 100% love , care and compassion. What we would appreciate the most are cash donations to help feed and clothe these precious little children . Shipping items to South Africa is extremely expensive and unnecessary as everything needed is available there. Laina needs your help and support to give these children as normal a life as possible.

For more info please contact:
Laina Rubenstein

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