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Reader: Obama Must Earn US Military's Respect

letter to the editor

Gen. Wesley Clark's essay about Barack Obama's taking command of the U.S. military [12/21/2008, Washington Post] was well written and insightful. He covered all aspects of the topic, but one area that he discussed only briefly needs more attention. As Gen. Clark noted, the military's respect has to be earned. I'm sure that Barack Obama knows that just showing up at a Marine Corp base in Hawaii to chat with Marines isn't going to undo the damage to our military that the Democratic Party did over the past five years. The fact is that the Democratic Party deliberately and systematically politicized our war effort in Iraq for the sole purpose of trying to get a Democrat elected President in 2004 and 2008. Not only did this make the war more expensive and more difficult to fight, but it undoubtedly cost American lives. There is no excuse for this, nor can the perpetrators of this deliberate act expect to be forgiven for it. As our soon-to-be Commander in Chief, Barack Obama needs to make his party understand this problem, and act to make sure that his party doesn't ever do it again.

Stuart Milligan
San Francisco, Calif.

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