Peter Hammond

Professor Emeritus
Department: Anthropology
341 Haines Hall - Box 951553
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1553
Campus mailcode: 155303
Keywords: Africa, Gender, Brazil, Cultural anthropology

Born in California, Professor Hammond's university education began in Latin America, first in Puerto Rico; later in Mexico. Still later he studied in Europe, at the Sorbonne. He returned to the U.S. for doctoral work in African Studies and Anthropology at Northwestern University. As a Fellow of the Ford Foundation, Professor Hammond’s first ethnographic field research was on technological innovation and culture change in Francophone West Africa. Professor Hammond has held faculty appointments at the University of Pittsburgh, at Indiana University, and subsequently at The Johns Hopkins University. He is now an Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at UCLA. Professor Hammond co-founded and served as co-chair of the University's Development Studies Program and established and directed both the UCLA Applied Anthropology Program and the Lusophone Africa Research Group. He has also been a frequent consultant on Africa to the National Geographic Society. He also has worked as a consultant to the Board on Science and Technology for International Development; with U.S.A.I.D., (the United States Agency for International Development; and on the staff of the World Bank, and agencies of the United Nations.