Veronica Cortinez publishes new book

The edited volume explores the cinematography of Chilean filmmaker Raúl Ruiz.

UCLA and an international career were not on his radar screen

After earning a B.A. in Latin American Studies at UCLA in 1996, John Arboleda built a career in higher education in the U.S. and Europe. He now serves as director of special projects & innovation at Instituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona and runs a consulting company based in Spain.

Living and Writing in Havana

Cuban writer Leonardo Padura and filmmaker, scriptwriter Lucia Lopez Coll discuss contemporary ideas of writing in Havana.

UCLA Tops REMEZCLA's List of Latin American Studies Programs

Latin American Studies at UCLA #1 for Latino millennial digital publisher, REMEZCLA

American Society for Ethnohistory

UCLA faculty, students, and alumni will present at American Society for Ethnohistory's Annual Meeting in Oaxaca.

Explorando y conociendo nuestra cultura náhua

The 2018 Nahuatl Conference, organized and sponsored by the Western Alliance for Nahuatl, featured several panelists with the first focusing on the exploration and learning of modern Nahua culture.

Celebrating indigenous Nahua culture

Attendees of a recent Nahuatl conference and festival were treated to panels and cultural workshops that explored the phonetics of the Nahuatl language, the modern Nahua people and their connection to the Los Angeles community.

From the Andes to the World

Fabiana Li, University of Manitoba, discussed the effects of globalization on quinoa.

Disappearing Cities: San Juan, Santo Domingo, Cartagena, and the rising Caribbean Sea

Lisa Paravisini-Gebert, Vassar College, uses the arts to discuss the stark reality of climate change in the Caribbean.

Nahuatl Conference and Festival

The two-day event celebrating Nahuatl features an academic conference at UCLA on May 4th and a cultural festival in Downtown LA on May 5th.

The Wait of Disaster

Yarimar Bonilla, University of Rutgers, spoke about the politics of recovery in Puerto Rico and political possibilities in the future.

From Saint Domingue to Vermont

Luis Fernando Granados, Universidad Veracruzana, rethinks Latin American history within the context of bottom-up insurgences.

Tzutu Bak'tum

Mayan Hip-Hop artist Tzutu Bak'tum held an open-air public performance.

Meet the LAI Interns

The UCLA Latin American Institute launches a new student internship.

Favela Sustainable Urban Planning

Dr. Theresa Williamson (Catalytic Communities) discusses the conditions of Rio de Janiero's favelas pre/post Olympics and envisions a future for sustainable urban planning.

Trump Administration Decision to End TPS

Statement from the UCLA Latin American Institute

FICG IN LA 2017 (November 2-5, 2017)

UCLA Latin American Institute, a Supporting Organization of the FICG in LA 2017, hosts three films.

2017-2018 UCLA Latin American Institute Internship

All majors and minors with an interest in Latin America are welcome to apply for the 2017-2018 internship. Preference offered to majors/minors within the International Institute.

Where to Send Aid to for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean

Lists of recommended organizations to support the disaster relief efforts in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

Workshop on the Histories and Cultures of the Caribbean

K–12 educators attend workshop on the Caribbean

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