AFI Fest 2012: Todo El Mundo Tiene A Alguien Menos Yo (Everybody's Got Somebody... Not Me)

AFI Fest 2012: Todo El Mundo Tiene A Alguien Menos Yo (Everybody

A 2012 Mexican film by director Raul Fuentes- Screenings on November 3rd & 6th

Friday, November 02, 2012
10:00 PM - 11:45 PM
Level 3 of Hollywood & Highland Center
6801 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028

In his first feature film, Raul Fuentes dares to explore the psyche of a woman caught in a vicious self-sabotaging cycle that incapacitates her ability to love. EVERYBODY’S GOT SOMEBODY BUT ME details the story of Alejandra, a condescending intellectual with many emotional problems, who lacks the capacity to connect with anyone around her. When Alejandra meets Maria, an evolving and curious private school teen, the two start a passionate love affair that makes their generation gap seem trivial. Before long, the couple realizes their differences when Alejandra obsessively tries control Maria’s activities, interests, and decisions. Alejandra’s oppression becomes worse than a parent’s and Maria must decide whether or not she wants this intense relationship with such an apprehensive person to continue. Shot in black and white, Raul Fuentes’ innovative filmmaking approach and his unconventional narrative unquestionably marks him as a new and exciting voice in contemporary Mexican cinema.

95 min


Chinese 3
11/02/12, 10:00 PM

Chinese 5
11/06/12, 4:45 PM

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