Visiting Scholars & Visiting Graduate Researchers

The UCLA Latin American Institute (LAI) welcomes applications from individuals who wish to be LAI Visiting Scholars and Visiting Graduate Researchers.

The UCLA Latin American Institute (LAI) welcomes applications from scholars who wish to be LAI Visiting Scholars or Visiting Graduate Researchers (VGRs).

Participants may include academics, scholars, and researchers from across the disciplines of Latin American Studies. These individuals will be temporarily associated with the university and on-campus. The LAI will assist scholars with access to UCLA's library and research facilities, and provide limited administrative support. Please note the LAI is unable to guarantee office space.

To begin the application process, please complete the following:


  1. A proposal (no more than 2 pages), outlining the research that will be undertaken while at UCLA.
  2. A curriculum vitae or professional resume.
  3. A letter from a UCLA faculty member supporting your application.
  4. A payment of $500 per quarter for administrative fees*

Upon agreement to host a prospective Visiting Scholar/Graduate Researcher, the LAI will contact the UCLA Graduate Division department and initiate the application process. The Visiting Scholar/Graduate Researcher will then be subject to campus fees and guidelines set by UCLA Graduate Division.  

For more information on the process that follows (including applicable fees) please refer to the UCLA Graduate Division website.

* The administrative fee of $500 per quarter will be charged by the Latin American Institute (LAI) to visiting scholar/graduate researchers affiliated with the LAI. Checks or money orders in US dollars should be made out to: "UC Regents". Please note that the administrative fee is non-refundable, even if the scholar/graduate researcher is ultimately unable to visit UCLA.


For more info please contact:
David Arriaza
(310) 206-6572