Sung-Deuk Oak

Dongsoon Im and Mija Im Endowed Chair
Associate Professor of Korean Christianity

Department: Asian Languages & Cultures
234A Royce Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1540
Campus Mail Code: 154003

Keywords: Korea, History, Christianity

Dr. Oak joined the Center in 2002 as a Henry Luce postdoctoral fellow of Korean Christianity. His fields of expertise include the history of Korean Christianity and its East Asian and global connections, especially interactions between Christianity and Korean religious culture in the sociopolitical context. One of his monographs, The Making of Korean Christianity: Encounters of Protestantism with Korean Religions, 1876~1915, the first volume of the series of the Studies in World Christianity (Baylor University Press, 2013) was awarded the "book of the year" by Books and Culture in 2013. Currently he is writing The History of the Korean Bible Society, volume III, 1945-2000; editing the ten-volume series of Samuel Austin Moffett Papers, 1868~1939; and the four-volume series of Sources of Modern Nursing in Korea, 1886~1945. For more information, please visit his English home page: "Online Archives of Korean Christianity" or a Korean blog: 


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Recent Articles

 "Images of the Cross in Early Modern Korea: The Geomantic Prophecy of the Chŏnggam-nok ," Journal of Korean Religions 1 (Sept. 2010): 117-161. 

“Healing and Exorcism: Christian Encounters with Shamanism in Early Modern Korea,” Asian Ethnology 65:1 (July 2010): 99-135