Donald McCallum

Professor Emeritus, Art History

Department: Art History
UCLA Department of Art History
100 Dodd Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1417
Campus Mail Code: 141702
Phone: 310-206-6974

Keywords: Japan, Asia, Art, East Asia, Art History, Japanese Studies, Buddhist Studies

Donald McCallum, Professor in the Department of Art History. His publications include Zenkōji and Its Icon: A Study in Medieval Japanese Religious Art (Princeton University Press, 1994), The Four Great Temples: Buddhist Archaeology, Architecture, and Icons of Seventh-Century Japan (University of Hawai'i Press, 2009), and Hakuhō Sculpture (University of Washington Press) which is due to be released in January, 2012. He is currently working on four publications: Seiryōji and Its Icon:  A Study in Asian Buddhist Art; "Fujiwarakyō: Japan's First Great Capital", which is a long article or short monograph dealing with the recent discoveries at the Fujiwarakyō site of the seventh century; "The Yakushiji Shō Kannon", another long article continuing and expanding some of the themes treated in Hakuhō Sculpture; and Matsumoto Shunsuke: "The Living Painter, which is a study of one of the great painters of modern Japan. (Professor Emeritus)