Maum Meditation: Happiness, Peace, and Coexistence

Maum Meditation: Happiness, Peace, and Coexistence

Academic Society for Human Completion

Saturday, May 03, 2014
9:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Humanities A51

Founded and developed by Mr. Woo Myung since 1996, Maum Meditation is a simple 7-step guided method of subtracting the false mind. The false mind is an accumulation of pictures that is store within human mind and body. Through the method of subtraction, you can discard the false mind and recover the true mind, which is the universe mind. Through Maum Meditation, human mind changes to infinite universe mind. 
Keynote Speeches by: Charles Mercieca, PhD, President, International Association of Educators for World Peace (Alabama A&M University) and Michael Furlong, PhD, Professor, Department of Counseling, Clincal, and School Psychology (UCSB)
Invited Speeches by: Lobsang Rapgay, PhD, Research Psychologist Study on Sustained Attention, working Memory and Metacognition in Anxiety Disorders and Learning Department of Psychiatry (UCLA) and Sam Himelstein, PhD, Director of Programs and Research at the Mind Body Awareness (MBA)
Research Presentations by: Mi Ra Yun, PhD, Researcher, The Research Institute of Nursing Science (Seoul National Univeristy) and Namin Shin, EdD, Professor, Department of Education (Dongguk University)

Cost : Admission fee: $30 (parking and lunch included) / 50% discount for students

Tel: For RSVP/ Info: (213) 908-5151

Sponsor(s): Center for Korean Studies