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Sites and Sounds: Japanese Popular Culture Visual and Aural, Past and Present

Fifth Annual Graduate Student Symposium for Japanese Studies, April 25, 1998.

Established interpretations of Japanese popular culture have come under considerable debate, particularly in the realms of sight and sound. What constitutes popular culture and how has this definition been represented over the course of Japanese history? How are we to view and hear the daily lives and recreational activities of under-represented groups? How have these groups been marginalized in relation to those in positions of power, and how have these realms been integrated into or become the subject of academic inquiry? The symposium commitee welcomes proposals from various academic fields addressing these questions.

Panel Participants
The Commodification of Aesthetics
  • William Burton, University of Washington
    "The Golden Age of Japanese Comics: Garo in the 1960s"
  • Jinsoo An, University of California, Los Angeles
    "Eiko Ishioka: Can She Be Anything Other Than 'Japan's Ultimate Designer'?"
  • Eric Cazdyn, University of California, San Diego
    "The Pornographic Aesthetic: Image, Popular Culture, and Late Capitalism in Japan"
  • Jing He, University of California, Los Angeles
    "Fennollosa's Bunjinga Theory and Tokugawa Bunjinga"
  • Commentator: Professor Mitsuhiro Yoshimoto, University of Iowa, Dept of Asian Languages and Literature
Shifting Folk Identities
  • Gregory Miller, University of Pittsburgh
    "Shards of History Taking Form: An Examination of Self and National Identity Among Contemporary Potters"
  • Patrick Patterson, University of Oregon
    "The Sound of Home: Shin-minyo and the Essence of 'Japan'"
  • Chika Shirota, University of Hawaii
    "Shifting Identities Through Performing and Okinawan Popular Dance Eisa"
  • Commentator: Professor Kim Brandt, Amherst College, Department of History
Constructions of Women
  • Gerald Marsella, University of Kansas
    "Not Just Another Pretty Face: The Yumeji Women in the 1910s"
  • Hank Glassman, Stanford University
    "Flesh of My Flesh: Pregnancy and Violence in Late Medieval Japan"
  • Barbara Poertner, University of Hawaii
    "Sexuality in Japan: A Content-Analysis of Japanese Women's Magazine