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Sometimes, language instruction at your home institution isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Which is where the IUC comes in...

Unforced Devotions

Ritual-filled lives of 13th-century Japanese nuns at Hokkeji were rich, says USC scholar Lori Meeks.

Japan and the Emancipator

Harvard history professor Daniel Botsman discusses the progress and plight of Japan's Burakumin under Meiji rule.

Koizumi Games the System

Tactics, not issues, were key to the LDP's landslide win in Japan, argues UCLA Professor Emeritus Hans Baerwald.

Sorgenfrei's Last Stand

UCLA professor Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei speaks out on the sometimes frightful, but mostly delightful, process behind her landmark book, Unspeakable Acts: The Avant-Garde Theatre of Terayama Shuji and Postwar Japan.

Dual Citizenship: The Two Sides of Thomas Rimer

Recently appointed Terasaki Chair Thomas Rimer discusses U.S.-Japan relations, cultural diversity, and integration.

Godzilla and Postwar Japan

William M. Tsutsui (Univ. of Kansas) explores the role of the Godzilla film series in popular culture

Some Improvement in Long Slump, But Japan's Economic Woes Not over Yet

Journalist Sam Jameson sees banks as weakest point in shaky recovery.

Genji in Graphic Detail: Manga Versions of the Tale of Genji

Lynne Miyake (Pomona College) dissects comic-book adaptations of the classical novel Genji monogatari

Japanese Brazilian Return Migration and the Making of Japan's Newest Immigrant Minority

Dr. Takeyuki Tsuda (UC San Diego) asks: Are Japanese Brazilian Migrants in Japan a Transnational Community?

Sexual Abuse and Human Trafficking in Japan

UCLA Anthropologist reports that one injured woman in seven who is hospitalized in Japan is the victim of spousal violence, while 100,000 women a year are imported as sex workers from poor Asian countries.

Top Japanese Journalist Weighs His Country's Uncertain Future

Yoichi Funabashi, chief diplomatic correspondent of the prestigious Asahi Shimbun, points to resistance to reform among his country's leaders, need to reassess Japanese identity.

The Battle for the Global Entertainment Industry: Japan's Growing Strength in Digital Culture

Japan is quietly developing a powerhouse of related technologies in the entertainment industry that will give the Americans a run for their money.

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