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The Dao in Nara Literature

USC's David Bialock speaks about his research on Daoist influences in Japanese literature from the Nara period.

Privatizing the Post Office

Japanese politics expert Patricia Maclachlan identifies the challenges to the future privatization of the Japanese post office.

The Aesthetics of 'Bijin'

USC scholar discusses a Japanese notion of beauty and its artistic representation in Meiji period paintings.

Framing Kitano Takeshi

Aeron Gerow discusses the evolution of nationalism in Kitano Takeshi's Hana-bi.

Pacific Briefing: Steady Growth in Gross Transnational Cool

UCLA project devoted to Tokyo-LA interactions in art, fashion, food holds workshop on 'LA as Offshore Japan.'

Flashpoint in Japanese-Korean Relations

Connecticut College's Alexis Dudden speaks on "Illegal Korea".

Mastering Spirits

Columbia's Michael Como challenges traditional views of legendary 'corruptor' figures in the context of cultic ritual and disease in medieval Japan.

Former Internee Offers Gift to Bring Two Nations Closer Together

More than 60 years after he left the camp behind, this emeritus UCLA professor, surgeon and researcher and his wife, Hisako, have donated $5 million to promote better understanding between Japan and America.

Tainted Legacy

U. of Pittsburgh's Akiko Hashimoto examines the debate surrounding Japan's guilt over World War II.

Senda Koreya: Theater for Change

UCLA's Thomas Rimer examines the life and art of a Japanese actor.

One for all, and all for one: The Japan Center's Graduate Student Symposium

The Graduate Student Symposium for Japanese Studies faces its share of challenges. Not least of all the question of how to do so much in such little time.

Anime's 'Transnational Geekdom'

Mizuko Ito explores anime culture in Japan and its popularity abroad.

Chaos and Hope for Writers of History

Carol Gluck urges historians to seek new directions, quick.

Changing Times for Japanese Sex Workers

In medieval Japan, sexual entertainers and their customers enjoyed great freedoms until a growing orthodoxy stifled their trade, Janet Goodwin tells a UCLA audience.

Making Up for Minamata

Japanese literary scholar Keiko Kanai reviews a half-century of social activism on the issue of compensation for the people of Minamata, Japan, a bayside town poisoned by industrial waste in 1955.

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