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Practice, Ideology, Symbolics: Symposium in Honor of Herman Ooms

Symposium in honor of Prof. Herman Ooms

Saturday, March 16, 2013
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
UCLA, Rocye Hall Room 306
Los Angeles, CA 

Free and Open to UCLA Students, Faculty, Staff, and invited Guests

Lunch and Dinner Provided by RSVP

Panel 1: Practice

- Elyssa Faison, Univ. Oklahoma: “Hiroshima Maidens and Bikini Islanders: Contesting War Memories and Promoting Peace in Japan and the US”

- Kate Wildman Nakai, Sophia Univ.: "Shrine, Church, and State in Prewar Japan: The Catholic Church and Shinto, 1858–1936”

- Jan Goodwin & Joan Piggott, USC:  “On the Obe Shoen Estate Project”


Research Profile Presentations          

- Emi Foulk, UCLA

- Kristine Dennehy, Cal State Fullerton

- Bettina Gramlich-Oka, Sophia University

- Sally Hastings, Purdue University


Panel 2: Ideology

- Mark McNally, Univ. Hawaii: "The Bridge to the World: Exceptionalism in 15th-Century Ryūkyū"

- David Eason, State Univ. NY: "What's Love Got to Do with It? Ai, Armor, and Ideology in Early Modern Material Culture" 

- Anne Walthall, UCI: “A Tale of Two Brothers: Sibling Rivalry in the Hirata Atsutane Family”


Panel 3: Symbolics

- Se-mi Oh, Univ. Wisconsin: "Kanji and Voice: Reading Surface Matters in Colonial Seoul"

- Serk-Bae Suh, UCI: “Takahama Kyoshi's Passage to Korea”

- Todd Henry, UCSD: "Silencing Namsan's Past: The Decolonization of Public Space in Post-Liberation Seoul"

- Hiromi Mizuno, Univ. Minnesota: “Technological Nostalgia & Mantetsu Central Laboratory"


Keynote Speaker: Tom Keirstead, University of Toronto


Dr. Herman Ooms received his undergraduate education in Belgium, where he majored in Classics and earned an MA in Philosophy. He later pursued an MA degree at Tokyo University in Anthropology of Religion, before going on to the University of Chicago, where he received a PhD in Japanese History in 1973. He taught at the University of Illinois-Chicago before he joined the history department at UCLA.

Professor Ooms has taught upper-level undergraduate survey courses in early modern (Tokugawa) Japanese history, the history of religions in Japan, and an introduction to theory from Saussure to post-modern thinkers. Throughout his career, his research and teaching have combined anthropological approaches, intellectual history and critical theory, with a particular fondness for the work of Pierre Bourdieu.   

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