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A wide range of courses in Winter 2017 are available for Israel Studies minors and others interested in learning more about Israel.
Tel Aviv University professor and prominent historian Asher Susser spoke on Monday about Israel & Iran's rise.
FSA rebels cleaning their AK47s in Aleppo, Syria during the civil war. (Photo: Voice of America News, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; cropped.) Public domain.
Prof. Gerald Steinberg discussed historical factors in Israeli security & modern challenges in a talk at UCLA.
Iron Dome system intercepts Gaza rockets aimed at the city Ashdod (Iron Dome in Operation Protective Edge. (Photo: Israel Defense Forces, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; cropped.) CC BY 2.0.
The clay sculptures featured in the exhibit blend Ethiopian and Israeli influences.
From left: Mother with Dog, Food and Bird, by Tziona Yahim; Mamit and her Child, by Mamit Sheto; Mother and Daughter, with Mother Holding Child, Dog and Bird, by Tziona Yahim. (Patricia Greenfield, UCLA.)
The Daily Bruin covered the Center-sponsored discussion "The Global Refugee Crisis: A View From the Ground."
IsraAID Global Partnerships Director Yotam Polizer responds to a question from a member of the audience.



Israel and the Rise of Iran in an Era of Weak Arab States

Tel Aviv University professor and prominent Middle East historian Asher Susser spoke on Monday about the rise of Islamic radicalism, the shifting balance of power to Iran in the Middle East, and the potential implications of Iranian expansionism for Israel.

Israeli Security: Historical Factors and Modern Challenges

In a talk hosted by the Y&S Nazarian Center, Professor Gerald Steinberg of Bar-Ilan University spoke about traditional Israeli security issues and the new threats posed by years of regional instability.

Israel Among Countries Facing Challenges to Democracy

Professor Itzhak Galnoor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem spoke about the weakening commitment to democratic principles in Israel and across the globe on Monday, but also left room for optimism about the future.

Clay Sculptures Reveal Psychological Adaptations of Ethiopian Immigrants to Israel

Works by Ethiopian-Israeli artists on display in Powell Library highlight the psychological changes the community has undergone in its transition to Israel.


VIDEO: Center Research Fellow Gives Talk on "Yemenite Children Affair"

Center Research Fellow Nadav Molchadsky spoke at Bar-Ilan University about his current research focus: commissions of inquiry and the Israeli discourse surrounding the "Yemenite Children Affair." This is part of Molchadsky's larger investigation into Israeli commissions of inquiry into national traumas. NOTE: the video is in Hebrew.

Center Research Fellow Publishes Book Review in "AJS Review"

Nadav Molchadsky analyzed Hillel Cohen's recently published "1929: Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict." In his review, the Center Research Fellow highlighted Cohen's exploration of both Jewish and Palestinian perspectives of the 1929 riots in Palestine and the riots' enduring impact on Jewish and Palestinian collective memories. Read the full review here.


Now Available: Israel Studies Offerings for Winter 2017
Students pursuing the Israel Studies minor or seeking to enrich their knowledge about Israel will be able to choose from a number of classes covering a wide-range of topics during the Winter quarter.

New Video Features Students from Center's First "Fiat Lux" Class
The two students discussed the "Fiat Lux" that covered Israel's democracy and government since its foundation, what they learned during the course, and why they decided to take the class in the first place.

New Course Introduces Students to Israeli Democracy
UCLA faculty members and guest speakers will lead the seminar discussions on a wide range of contemporary issues in Israel.