A chronological listing of the academic presentations made by Visiting Faculty and Scholars during their time with the Center. Also included are relevant presentations by the Center Director.

Ben-Ephraim, Shaiel. "Signaling a Willingness to Settle: The Israeli Settlements in the Occupied Territories as a Bargaining Commitment Problem." Annual Convention, International Studies Association, 4-7 April 2018, San Francisco, CA. Conference Presentation.

Molchadsky, Nadav. "From 'Missing' to 'Kidnapped': The Framing of the 'Yemenite Children Affair.'" Present Past: Time, Memory, and the Negotiation of Historical Justice, Historical Dialogues, Justice and Memory Network, 7-9 December 2017, Columbia University, New York, NY. Conference Presentation.

Cohen, Yoram. "The Regional Influence of Israel’s Water and Energy Resources." A Century After Balfour: Vision and Reality, Association for Israel Studies, 14 June 2017, Mandel Center for the Humanities, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA. Conference Presentation.

Molchadsky, Nadav. "Whose Past is it? The Or Commission and its Attempt to Reconcile Jewish and Arab Israeli Citizens." Learning the Other's Past: History, Education and Curricula in Israel/Palestine, UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies, 18-19 May 2017, University of California, Los Angeles. Conference Presentation.

Gilboa, Anat. "Aliyah as Advocacy, Image, and Literature." Annual Conference, Western Jewish Studies Association, 26 March 2017, Claremont McKenna College, Claremont, CA. Conference Presentation.

Landau, Daniel. "Time-Body Study / VR Performative Experiment." Stanford Arts, 1 February 2017, CCRMA Stage, Stanford, CA. Lecture.

Landau, Daniel. "Time-Body Study / VR Performative Experiment." San Diego State University Jewish Studies Program and San Diego State Digital Humanities, 23 January 2017, Love Library, San Diego, CA. Lecture.

Molchadsky, Nadav. "Victimhood and a Contested Israeli Past: Commissions of Inquiry and the Yemenite Children Affair." 32nd Annual Conference, Association for Israel Studies, 20 June 2016, Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi and Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Jerusalem, IL. Conference Presentation.


Presentations by Center-Supported Graduate Students

Assor, Yael. "Unemotional Bureaucracies and the Production of Medical Knowledge." Annual Meeting, American Anthropological Association, 29 November 2017, Washington, DC. Conference Presentation.

Degani, Arnon. "Comrades, not Enemies? The Histadrut and its Palestinian-Arab Members, 1948-1967." Annual Meeting, Middle East Studies Association, 18-21 November 2017, Washington, DC. Conference Presentation.

Melpignano, Melissa. "When Soldiers Go Viral: Digital Circulation of Dances in the Israeli Defense Forces." Annual Conference, Dance Studies Association, 19-22 October 2017, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. Conference Presentation.