Creating Opportunities for Undergraduates

Creating Opportunities for Undergraduates

Ariel Litke, UCLA Nazarian Center Summer Intern 2012

UCLA Nazarian Center to offer undergraduate internships

For the first time since its establishment in 2010, the Nazarian Center for Israel Studies will be offering undergraduate internships in fall 2012. The Nazarian Center, which was endowed by philanthropists Younes and Soraya Nazarian, is looking for undergraduate students to help expand its programs and communications efforts. Interns will spearhead design projects, write articles, help organize major events, and help oversee the Center’s day-to-day functions.

“We have a busy year planned for the coming academic year, and interns would be an invaluable asset to our center. The job market is tough in this economic climate, so we also hope to provide undergrads with the opportunity to gain some work experience thereby becoming more marketable when they finish their degrees. Students are the heart and soul of the university. The Nazarian Center would like to reach out to undergrads and become more involved in the student community,” says Jasmine Lin, Center Administrator for the Nazarian Center.

The Nazarian Center, the newest academic center at the UCLA International Institute, promotes the study of the history, culture and society of Israel as a modern Jewish and democratic state. It invites visiting Israeli academics, artists and writers to campus, sponsors new courses, and hosts a variety of events, from concerts to public lectures - all with the goal of providing a broad view of Israeli society and culture.  

“Israel is too often seen only through the lens of the media and misconceptions” says Ariel Litke, who interned for the Center over the summer, “I was amazed at the Center’s efforts to shed new light on the study of Israel, one that doesn’t necessarily involve conflict and politics. This really appealed to me and motivated me to apply to be an intern.”

One of the events the Nazarian Center will be sponsoring this coming year will be the 29th Annual Association for Israel Studies Conference, the forum for everything Israel Studies. With an estimated 500 participants, it is the biggest such event, and a challenge to organize. The Center’s interns will undertake projects that will culminate in the overall production of this conference.

Students could benefit from this internship in ways they did not expect. “As an intern with the Nazarian Center, I was plunged into the life of academia. As a window into the university world, the internship swayed me towards doing academic research in the future” says Litke.

When asked if he had any advice for future Nazarian Center interns Litke replied, “Just be yourself. The people at the Center are all very friendly and will help you if need be. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and take initiative. Your co-workers will appreciate your honesty and help you become a better intern.” 

The Nazarian Center is now accepting applications for its fall internships. To apply, or for more information, click here.

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