Videos from throughout the Institute and member centers. To date we have published over 226 videos.

VIDEO: UCLA Global Conversation

Pulitzer-prize winning author Jared Diamond speaks on study abroad, international education and more...

Video: Between the Arab and Non-Arab States: Israel's Place in the Rapidly Changing Middle East

Tel Aviv University Professor Emeritus and prominent Middle East historian Asher Susser discussed the rise of non-Arab powers in the Middle East and the implications for the region as a whole and Israel in particular.

Video: Israel's Security in an Era of Regional Instability

Professor Gerald Steinberg of Bar-Ilan University spoke about the instability surrounding Israel and what that means for Israel's approach to security.

Video: Protecting Democracy in Israel: Addressing Threats, Strengthening Foundations

Professor Itzhak Galnoor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discussed the current state of democracy in Israel and what needs to be done to shore up Israelis' commitment to democratic principles.

Video: The Global Refugee Crisis: A View from the Ground

Panelists from IsraAID, the International Medical Corps, and Yazda spoke with UCLA Professor Roger Waldinger about the global refugee crisis and the humanitarian response from Israel and around the world.

VIDEO: The Refugee Crisis: Perspectives on Europe and Beyond

A panel discussion with Asli Bâli, Stefan Biedermann, David Fitzgerald, Gregory Maniatis and Roger Waldinger. Links to C-SPAN video coverage of the panel.

VIDEO: UCLA alumnus Howard Berman salutes class of 2016

Berman, who completed both a B.A.and law degree at UCLA, went on to spend 40 years in state in national politics. In his speech, he related his education to his long career.

VIDEO: 2015-16 Arnold C. Harberger Distinguished Lecture on Economic Development

Esther Duflo, Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, MIT, delivers the 2015-16 Arnold C. Harberger Distinguished Lecture on Economic Development.

VIDEO: Next Steps in U.S. and Global Strategy against the Islamic State

Gen. John Allen, Pres. Obama's Fmr Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL delivers the 2015-16 Bernard Brodie Distinguished Lecture on the Conditions of Peace

Avoiding a Collision Course: Perspectives on Turkey-NATO-Russian Relations and the Syria Crisis

A panel discussion about the tensions between Turkey and Russia in light of the Syria crisis

US-Australian Dialogue: Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific

The US-Australia Dialogue brought together academics, experts and government officials to discuss the US-Australian alliance and shifting economic and political dynamics in the Asia-Pacific region.

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