Research & Awards

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The International Institute and its affiliated centers and programs promote multidisciplinary research and provide platforms, such as conferences and publications, for the dissemination of research findings.


  • Aslı Ü. Bâli featured on cover of Los Angeles Lawyer

    December 2017. Writing in LA Lawyer, Aslı Ü. Bâli, professor of law and director of the Center for Near Eastern Studies at UCLA, and UCLA School of Law colleague Jessica Peake analyze President Trump's use of airstrikes in Syria within the framework of international law.

  • UCLA Professor José Luiz Passos publishes two new books

    O Globo has published an article about UCLA Professor José Luiz Passos and his new books, “Antologia fantástica da República brasileira” and “A órbita de King Kong.” An author of both novels and literary criticism, Passos was the inaugural director of the UCLA Center for Brazilian Studies (2008–2011). (In Portuguese)

  • Gail Kligman receives honorary doctorate from celebrated Romanian university

    The UCLA distinguished professor of sociology was honored for her many works on Romania and other communist and post-communist societies, the majority of which have been translated into Romanian.

  • Why Trump can't restrict trade AND immigration

    UCLA political scientist Maggie Peters, who teaches in the Global Studies Program, writes in The Washington Post: "Trump, therefore, faces a trade-off: Bring manufacturing back to the U.S. but open immigration — or restrict immigration but face increasing job losses due to trade and off-shoring."


  • Recognizing research and service

    On May 17, the UCLA International Institute held an end-of-the-year reception where outstanding seniors discussed their international research and were honored for their activism, scholarship, leadership and service.

  • Going Global Recap

    UCLA graduate students from a variety of disciplines came together to present their research on international issues at the Fourth Annual International Institute Graduate Student Conference.