PART II: US-Australian Dialogue - The Coming Water Crisis: Solutions & Strategies

PART II: US-Australian Dialogue - The Coming Water Crisis: Solutions & Strategies

A conference focusing on what California can learn from Australia regarding conservation and the efficient use of scarce water resources.

The aim of the Dialogue is to bring together Australian and US experts to challenge existing thinking on water issues, explore cost-effective ways to reduce demand, better manage existing supplies and implement new technologies that save time and money.

Global population growth, climate change and increased pollution mean access to fresh water is fast becoming the most valuable resource on earth. Over one billion people do not have regular access to safe, clean drinking water. The problem is not isolated to developing countries. Australia has long-suffered from extended periods of drought. As a result, it has developed extensive expertise in dealing with issues of water conservation, desalination, water technologies and drought management. Southern California, which also suffers from prolonged periods of drought and rising demand, is also implementing innovative solutions to tackle water challenges. The US and Australia enjoy a proud history of cooperation on water policy and technology issues. By combining our knowledge, research and water expertise, many of the issues we both face can be met. This will save us money and conserve supplies for the long term. It will also lead to innovative outcomes globally.


Global Water Management by 2050: Regional and National Solutions

Moderator: J.R. DeShazo
Director of the Luskin Center for Innovation and Professor and
Vice Chair of the Department of Public Policy in the Luskin School of Public Affairs, UCLA

Global Water Assessment
Carol Couch, Director, CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship

Australian Issues and Solutions
Jamie Pittock, Program Leader of the Australia and United States Climate, Energy and Water Nexus Project, United States Studies Centre

Water in the US Southwest
Felicia Marcus, Chair, California State Water Resources Control Board

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