The Universal Aspirations of Egypt's Revolution: Personal Reflections

A lecture by Ahmed Maher, Founder and Chief Coordinator of the April 6 Youth Movement. Part of the panel discussion "Reclaiming the Egyptian Revolution" on November 07, 2013.

Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Ahmed Maher is the Founder and Chief Coordinator of the April 6 Youth Movement. The April 6 Movement became one of the most important organizers of the 18-day uprising that culminated in President Hosni Mubarak's departure on February 11, 2011.  Maher was a member of the 100 person Constituent Assembly, tasked with writing Egypt's new Constitution, his resignation in November 2011 came after months of failed negotiations with the Islamic lead Assembly.

Maher supported Islamist Mohamed Morsi in last year’s presidential election because he believed Mr. Morsi’s victory over a military-backed candidate would be more likely to consolidate democracy in their country. But during a visit to Washington this past May, Maher spoke of his disillusionment with Muslim Brotherhood rule: “They lied, they broke promises, they killed members of April 6....They only seek power.”  Upon returning to Cairo from the United States, he was arrested. His transfer to a high-security prison provoked a backlash both in Cairo and in Washington, and the following day Maher was released, his case was transferred to a lower court, and Mr. Morsi’s office and political party repudiated the airport arrest.

On September 24, 2013, Maher, along with leading political figures, activists and groups formed a new front, dubbed "Revolution Path Front" aimed at providing an alternative to the current "polarization" between the military and Muslim Brotherhood.  "The revolution's goals are being forgotten and hence there is a need for this front," Maher said.  Maher’s position remains resolute: complete the demands of the Revolution -Freedom, Dignity, and Justice.

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