Drew Dushkes

Email: amdushkes@gmail.com

Undergraduate Degree
  • Class of 2011
  • IDP Major(s): Global Studies Major
  • Additional Minor(s): Accounting, Geography
While At UCLA

Study Abroad: Global Studies Travel Study Program, Brazil, Summer 2010.

Extracurriculars: UCLA Yell Crew (Captain); Covel Peer Learning (Tutor); Daily Bruin (Columnist).

Awards: Dean's List; College Honors.

Undergraduate Research: A Comprehensive Review of the U.S.-India Nuclear Trade Agreement and Its Implications for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; Sponsored by Professor Albert Carnesale

View research paper, thesis, or dissertation: rf1_2ca44c87.pdf

After UCLA

M.S. in Foreign Service Candidate at Georgetown University with a concentration in Global Business and Finance. Plans to work in the international trade and investment policy field.

CV/Resume: ihhsrjks_fd0.pdf

Advice for Current International Institute IDP Students

Do as much as you can in the little time that you have at UCLA, because it is your experiences and not your degree that will determine the person you become.

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