Program Requirements & Courses


Winter 2018 Courses 

**Note that some of the courses on this list are not on the minor worksheet. Such courses will not appear on your DARs but this does not mean that they do not count for the minor. We ask that you notify us when taking them so that we can apply it towards your minor.

Note that most upper division courses will lift enrollment restriction to non majors during the second pass.

Note about Nursing C155 (Globalization, Social Justice, and Human Rights):
Nursing C155 is a 3 unit course. Students who wish to apply the course to the Global Health minor will need to take an additional 5 or 6 unit course in order to satisfy the College requirement of minimum 20 upper division minor units. 

5 and 6  unit upper division courses that can be applied to the  Global Health Minor:

Disability Studies 101W
Gerontology M108 (Social Welfare M108)
Honors Collegium 105
Honors Collegium 141
Nursing 152W
World Arts & Cultures 144
Environmental Health Sciences C185A

Note about 100 courses:
Courses numbered 100 such as, Community Health 100, Environmental Health Sciences 100, Public Health 100 and Health Policy 100 may be restricted to the Public Health students during the academic year. However, they will be open to all students if offered in the summer.

Published: Friday, September 29, 2017