Summer Courses


Please check with your major/minor advisor if any of these courses fulfill major/minor requirements

Global Studies:

Glbl St 1 Introduction to Global Studies
Glbl St 160-1 Introduction to International Business
Glbl St 160-2 Global Social Entrepreneurship

Travel Study Programs:
Glbl St 110A/110B Global New York: Globalization in Context
Glbl St 110A/110B Global Paris: A Study of contemporary culture, economics, politics and society
Glbl St 110A/110B Global Shanghai: Globalization in Context


International and Area Studies:

IA Std 1 Introduction to International Areas Studies
IA Std 31  Introduction to Southeast Asia
IA Std 33  Introduction to East Asia (CANCELLED)
IA Std 50  Introduction to Latin America (CANCELLED)
I A Std 195CE Community and Corporate Internships in International Area Studies


International Development Studies:

Intl Dv 110   Economic Development and Culture Change: Gender and International Development
Intl Dv M120 Political Economy of Development
Intl Dv 140  Global Health, Poverty and Development
Intl Dv 130  Economics of Developing Countries
Intl Dv 191  Education and International Development



Published: Friday, March 04, 2016