North Atlantic Jazz Alliance

with special guest Almer Imamovic of Bosnia

Almer Imamovic – guitar
Michael Schiefel– vocals & live electronics Jim Linahon – trumpet
Jan von Klewitz – sax
Bill Yeager – trombone
Markus Burger – piano
Marshall Hawkins – bass
Paul Kreibich – drums

The North Atlantic Jazz Alliance (NAJA), a jazz collective comprised of three Germans and four Americans, has been seamlessly fusing jazz adaptations of classical pieces with touches of avant-garde compositions and funk-infused, straight-ahead rhythms. "Every musician has to get out of their own comfort zone to play our music," says pianist Markus Burger, born in Germany but living in Southern California since 2003. "Our music ranges from being free-flowing improvisations based loosely on the melody to more mainstream jazz. Marshall and Paul in particular have the ability to adjust themselves and play the more European music while, at the same time, Michael has no trouble switching to a more traditional American mainstream jazz."