Conference Participants and Papers

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Fernanda Borges

David Cohen

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  • Bio
  • Writing Sample

Hilmar Farid
Legacies of the Occupation

David Kaye

  • Abstract
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Geoffrey Robinson

John Roosa
Towards a History of Indonesia's Metapolitics: The Law on Censorship

Dahlia Gratia Setiyawan
Better Dead than Red?: Suppression and Reconstruction of Surabaya's PKI Past

Bradley Simpson
Documenting Mass Violence: History, Truth and Accountability

Neles Tebay
Indigenous Papuans' efforts for ending the conflict with Indonesia

Kimberly Twarog
Gendering Trauma Recovery in Aceh, 1976-2010

Galuh Wandita
Impunity is Contagious: Transitional Justice in Indonesia and Timor-Leste

Baskara Wardaya
Providing Space for the Voiceless: Transitional Justice and Narratives on the 1965 Tragedy

David Webster
"Lost Causes" and Non-State Actions Against Impunity

Mary Zurbuchen
Toward a Social History of Indonesia's 1965 Upheaval: Reflections, Questions, and Challenges


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Haris Azhar, KontraS

Asli Bali, UCLA

Fernanda Borges MP,
National Parliament, Timor Leste

David Cohen, UC Berkeley

Hilmar Farid, Indonesian Institute for Social History

David Kaye, UCLA

Geoffrey Robinson, UCLA

John Roosa, University of British Columbia

Dahlia Setiyawan, UCLA

Bradley Simpson, Princeton University

Neles Tebay, Fajar Timur Theological School

Kimberly Twarog, UCLA

Galuh Wandita,
International Center for Transitional Justice, Jakarta

Baskara T. Wardaya, Universitas Sanata Dharma

David Webster, University of Regina

Mary Zurbuchen, Ford Foundation