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Articles by Kevin Matthews

Historian Looks Back on Fall of Communism 20 Years Ago

Visiting professor Jurgen Kocka, a modern social historian at the Free University of Berlin, gave a lecture that kicks off more than a year of talks, conferences and film screenings organized by the Center for European and Eurasian Studies. An international conference about 1989's events and a film series are set for November.
Published on: 3/13/2009
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Whose Buddhism and Which Science?

Donald S. Lopez Jr. of the University of Michigan seeks to explain why some Buddhists and some scientists have been so eager, for a century and a half, to assert the compatibility of two very different ways of seeking knowledge.
Published on: 2/25/2009
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State Department Official Provides African Security Briefing

In a public talk Louis Mazel, director of the U.S. Department of State Office of African Regional and Security Affairs, discusses current and potential security issues across the continent, including the uncertain future of South Sudan.
Published on: 2/12/2009
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UCLA Peacemaker to Speak on Global Conflicts, Everyday Choices

At a free public lecture on Saturday in Santa Monica, Burkle Center Deputy Director Anna Spain, a lawyer and mediator specializing in cross-cultural conflict resolution, will discuss how citizens can contribute to the spread of peace around the world.
Published on: 1/27/2009
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10 Questions for Sarah Abrevaya Stein

Ostrich feathers for women's hats were worth nearly as much as diamonds by weight just prior to World War I, when the bubble burst. In "Plumes: Ostrich Feathers, Jews, and a Lost World of Global Commerce" (Yale University Press), a book that resonates with the current financial crisis, UCLA historian Sarah Abrevaya Stein describes a European and American vogue for African feathers from the 1880s and recounts sad tales of a global market crash that struck particularly hard at Jewish merchants.
Published on: 1/9/2009
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Outgoing US Cultural Affairs Official Touts Social Networking Website

At a lecture cosponsored by the Burkle Center and student groups, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Goli Ameri introduces ExchangesConnect, a social networking website intended to bring a "new generation of digital natives" into conversation around the globe. Her bureau will also fund Indonesian dance performances on campus in spring.
Published on: 1/5/2009
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UCLA Advanced Degrees Put to Work for Education in Afghanistan

Born in Kabul and brought up in Orange County, UCLA Islamic Studies alumna Parisa Popalzai says that war-torn Afghanistan needs the help of those who had to leave it. She applies skills learned at the Anderson School and the International Institute to two issues: giving Afghan kids with special needs a chance and training managers for a new economy.
Published on: 12/23/2008
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Serbian War Crimes Officials Visit Law Class

Top officials in the Serbian Interior Ministry's War Crimes Investigating Service take questions from law students in a clinic on international justice in the Balkans.
Published on: 12/9/2008
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The late Roxanna Brown, who earned a UCLA doctorate in art history near the end of a creative scholarly career, found sweeping historical narratives in recovered Southeast Asian ceramics. Some of her unpublished works will be pieced together, but her vision can't be replaced, say three speakers at a UCLA symposium.
Published on: 12/8/2008
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Peruvian Leader on the Costs of Global Poverty

A son of poverty, former Peruvian president, and founder of the Global Center for Development and Democracy, Alejandro Toledo on Dec. 2 spoke of poverty, inequality, and social exclusion as evils in themselves, and warned of the consequences of failing to reduce all three.
Published on: 12/3/2008
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