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Articles by Peggy McInerny

FLAS scholarship prompts UCLA student to pursue master's degree

A yearlong Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarship gave Michelle Sinness the confidence to become a Departmental Scholar, enabling her to complete a double B.A. and an M.A. in five years.
Published on: 11/7/2013
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Humanities facing difficult challenges in both U.S. and Chinese universities

The study of the humanities is facing difficult challenges in both the United States and China, although the nature of these challenges differ.
Published on: 11/5/2013
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South African archivist notes limits of transitional justice

Verne Harris of the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory points out the limits of transitional justice and offers human rights archivists new lines of inquiry for the future.
Published on: 10/25/2013
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Playwright, Prisoner, President: Celebrating the Life of Vaclav Havel

Lifelong friends, theatre professionals and fellow countrymen shared warm reminiscences of the late Czech leader and playwright at an opening reception for a UCLA Library exhibit in the Powell Library Rotunda.
Published on: 10/23/2013
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Consensus on Syria: No one wants the rebels to win

At a recent seminar convened by the Burkle Center for International Relations, a panel of experts considered the state of the Syrian civil war. Their general outlook was pessimistic, despite the recent real achievement of the chemical arms agreement concluded with the Syrian government.
Published on: 10/14/2013
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Brazilian Studies Center hosts orientation for Brazilian STEM students

Some 120 Brazilian scholarship students attended an orientation for the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program on the UCLA campus on Saturday, October 5.
Published on: 10/9/2013
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How media — and work — impacts peoples’ perceptions of themselves and their countries

Increasingly, says UCLA Associate Professor Purnima Mankekar, the circular media flow between Asia and the rest of the world is a two-way street that affects both consumers and producers.
Published on: 10/2/2013
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Civil conflict and the memories it leaves behind

African-Scottish writer Aminatta Forna is known for works that chronicle societies’ descent into violence and the consequences that individuals must live with in the aftermath. She will read from her new novel “The Hired Man” at UCLA on October 15th.
Published on: 10/1/2013
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A Vietnamese teacher with a mission

UCLA Vietnamese instructor Quyen Di Chuc Bui is a teacher with a mission: to ensure the transmission of the Vietnamese language to the next generation of Vietnamese Americans. That makes him a very busy man.
Published on: 9/24/2013
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Central Asian peoples and the great land empires of Eurasia

A new seminar series will look "in" to Central Asia to consider the circulation of peoples, religions, languages, texts and textual traditions that connected peoples across the Eurasian land mass.
Published on: 9/16/2013
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