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Articles by Kevin Matthews

Slouching Towards Lebanon

Iraq expert Juan Cole and ex-CPA adviser on democratization Larry Diamond view Iraqi civil war as likely, US leverage slight. Experts discuss history of US-led military occupation, Iraqi constitution, election results.
Published on: 1/27/2006
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Juan Cole Examines Jihadist Groups

Back at UCLA for first of two events, professor and Internet blogger brings sociology of religion to bear on militant Islam's recruiting methods, lending support to view that Iraq invasion revived Al Qaeda.
Published on: 1/20/2006
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Q&A: Nathan Jensen

A political scientist and Global Fellow studies how multinational corporations make decisions that affect developing countries.
Published on: 1/9/2006
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Designing for Terror

Institute-funded study of transit security, begun before bombing attacks in Madrid and London, finds officials concerned about physical design of stations, riders' perceptions of risk. Europeans get higher marks for coordination than more secretive American officials.
Published on: 1/3/2006
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UCLA Office Hosted 471 Visitors from 92 Nations in 2005

U.S. State Department, which sponsors nearly half of travelers to UCLA's International Visitors Bureau, continues post-9/11 drive to bring Muslims from around the globe.
Published on: 12/21/2005
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The Rest of Africa, Televised

Plays, movies, soaps, news shows created by Africans can counter the stream of bad news about the continent, Africa Channel executives tell UCLA audience.
Published on: 12/12/2005
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Listening to Islam

Written in spite of death threats and illness, book by UCLA legal thinker Khaled Abou El Fadl takes aim at Muslim 'puritans.'
Published on: 11/21/2005
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Of Apartheid, Prison, and Parliament

Mandela prison-mate and adviser Kathrada remembers indignities suffered, stresses victories won in democratic South Africa.
Published on: 11/16/2005
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Q&A: Eric Hayot

A Global Fellow at the International Institute takes up queries on torture, Abu Ghraib, the adoption of Chinese girls, and success in academia.
Published on: 11/8/2005
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Brazilian Cinema Reborn

Director Karim Ainouz and others discuss filmmaking and the state of the industry in Brazil.
Published on: 11/2/2005
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