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Book Prize to Director of Language Resource Progam

Book Prize to Director of Language Resource Progam

"The Learning and Teaching of Slavic Languages and Cultures" by Olga Kagan Praised.

By Kathryn Paul

Olga Kagan, director of the Language Resource Program, has been awarded a book prize by the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and Eastern European Languages (AATSEEL) for the Best Contribution to Language Pedagogy in 2001.  The prize was given to her as a co-editor of the volume  of articles on teaching Slavic languages and cultures. (Olga Kagan,  Benjamin Rifkin with Susan Bauckus, eds. The Learning and Teaching of  Slavic Languages and Cultures. Bloomington,
 Ind: Slavica, 2000.)  

The AATSEEL Book Prize Committee highly praised the book because it "gives a broad overview of what is happening in pedagogy  and second language acquisition not only in Slavic but also in the field  at large."   In addition to the extensive collection of essays, the  volume also includes a comprehensive review of textbooks, references and  other resources currently available to students and teachers of  Slavic languages and cultures.

UCLA Center for European and Russian Studies provided additional  financial support for the project.

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