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Adolph Eichmann: The Secret Memoirs

Abstract of the presentation by Alan Rosenthal and Nissim Mossek, co-directors of the film "Adolf Eichmann: The Secret Memoirs," at the conference on "Filming the Eichmann Trial," February 22-23, 2009

Alan Rosenthal, as associate producer at the actual original filming of the trial, will speak from a film practitioner’s point of view on how the filming arrangements were made and the atmosphere of the trial. In addition, he and Nissim Mossek will present their film, Adolf Eichmann: The Secret Memoirs (2002), whose title is a reference to the memoirs Eichmann dictated to Willem Sassen and which were referred to but never really used during the Eichmann trial. Nissim Mossek will also comment on his recent legal battle with the State of Israel over who has rights to use the footage from the trial.

Center for Near Eastern Studies