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Leo Hurwitz, Director of the Eichmann Trial Videotapes

Abstract of the presentation by Susan Slyomovics, University of California, Los Angeles, at the conference on "Filming the Eichmann Trial," February 22-23, 2009

Leo Hurwitz's role as director in charge of live videotaping and editing the Eichmann trial proceedings is presented through interviews with Hurwitz video- and audio-taped in 1986 by Susan Slyomovics. The presentation includes newsreels made from trial videotapes (especially the condensed summation of the trial, Verdict for Tomorrow, directed by Hurwitz in 1961), and the 8-minute videotape co-produced by Slyomovics and Hurwitz  to foreground biographical consideration of the director’s role.

Center for Near Eastern Studies