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Updated Agenda for Working Group

Wealth and Power in the Post-Industrial Age Working Group meeting, April 16-17, 2004, UCLA

By Leah Halvorson

Location: 10383 Bunche Hall


Revised Program (04-15-04)


Friday April 16


3:00-3:30         Introductory presentation, Ed Leamer (UCLA)


Session I: Institutional Discrimination in a Post-Industrial Society


3:30-5:30         “Racism and Redistribution in the United States: A Solution to the Problem of American Exceptionalism,” paper, Woojin Lee and John Roemer (presented by John Roemer, Yale University)**


                        “Women and the Service Sector,” memo, Torben Iversen, Frances Rosenbluth, and David Soskice (presented by Torben Iversen, Harvard University, and Frances Rosenbluth, Yale University)**


6:00                 Depart for dinner  


Saturday April 17


8:30-9:00         Continental breakfast (on site)


Session II: Post-Industrialism and Inequality in the Advanced World



9:00-10:00       “Politics, Public Policy, and Inequality: A Look Back at the Twentieth Century,” paper, Howard Rosenthal (Princeton and Brown Universities)**


10:00-10:15     Coffee break



10:15-11:15     “Changes in occupational structures, internationalization, and inequality in postwar OECD nations,” presentation, Miriam Golden (UCLA) and Michael Wallerstein (Northwestern University)**


11:15-12:30     Break and lunch (on site)


Session III: A New International Division of Labor and the Shift of Manufacturing to Developing Nations


12:30-2:30       “Investment Climate and Firm Performance in Developing Economies,” paper, David Dollar, Mary Hallward-Driemeier and Taye Mengistae (presented by David Dollar, World Bank)**


                         “Why are Some Firms More Innovative? Knowledge Inputs, Knowledge Stocks, and the Role of Global Engagement,” paper, Chiara Criscuolo, Jonathan E. Haskel, and Matthew J. Slaughter (presented by Matt Slaughter, Dartmouth)**


2:30-3:00         Coffee break


Session IV:  Property and Work in a Post-Industrial Society


3:00-5:00         “What Do We Do in Post-Industrial Society?” paper, Jonathan Gershuny (University of Essex)**


                        “Intellectual Property Institutions in the Post-Industrial Economy,” presentation, Ken Sokoloff (UCLA)


Concluding Roundtable Discussion


5:00-6:00         Conducted by Ron Rogowski (UCLA) and Ed Leamer (UCLA)


6:00                 Depart for dinner,\ 



Those presentations indicated by ** have a paper or other material available for downloading at the group’s website,

Center for Comparative and Global Research