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The way we can no longer think (now): Anthropology, Islam, and the question of difference

Abstract of paper to be presented by Stefania Pandolfo, UC Berkeley, at the conference "Islam Re-Observed: Clifford Geertz in Morocco"

The paper attempts to rethink the question of difference in anthropology (translation, trans-generation, co-production and relative incommensurability) in the aftermath of violent globalization, but also in the confrontation/encounter with other forms of life. With and beyond the legacy of Geertz's thought, and based on Moroccan ethnography, the paper engages with the decentering of Euro-American conceptual and normative configurations related to the growth of contemporary Islamic movements, and the development of practices and vocabularies inspired by a renewed spiritual or theological sensibility that provide the terrain from which questions can be asked and answers sought in many regions of the Islamic world today.

Center for Near Eastern Studies