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Study Abroad Opportunities

Study Abroad Opportunities

Southeast Asian Studies majors and minors are strongly encouraged to study abroad in Southeast Asia, and there are a number of programs which students can participate in. These range in length from summer, to part of the academic year, or an entire academic year.  Interested students should review the variety of options available to them.

The UCLA International Education Office (IEO) serves as the campuswide gateway to international education by developing, publicizing, and administering study abroad and student exchange programs. The programs include the UCLA Summer Travel Study programs, Education Abroad Program, non-UC study abroad programs, and various student exchange agreements. The IEO encourages all students to explore the many opportunities available. You’ll broaden your perspective and open the door to a whole world of possibilities.

Once you have determined which study abroad program you are most interested in, be sure to meet with your Academic Counselor to discuss how the courses might apply towards the Southeast Asian Studies major and minor requirements.

UCLA Summer Travel Study

Gives direct UCLA credit (units, grades, courses)

Sample programs include

  • No programs specific to Southeast Asia as of yet.

Other UC Summer Travel Programs

Gives UC credit (units, grades). Courses must be petitioned upon return.

Education Abroad Program (EAP)

Gives UC credit (units, grades). Courses must be petitioned upon return.

The Education Abroad Program (EAP) offers study abroad programs exclusively for UC students. Use the UC EAP Program Wizard to search for EAP programs using such criteria such as country, subject area, language of instruction, and length of program.  Use the UC EAP Coursefinder to search for courses that have previously been taken for UC credit by former students. This is a great way to preview potential course offerings to help determine if they relate to your major requirements.

Countries for European Studies students include:

  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam

Non-UC Study Abroad Programs

Accredited programs give transfer credit (units only, no grades). Courses must be petitioned upon return.

Students can also choose to go through other study abroad programs besides the abovementioned UC sponsored programs. The International Education keeps information and offers individual counseling regarding hundreds of non-UC study abroad opportunities. 

Sample programs include:

SIT Study Abroad

  • Indonesia: Balinese Arts and Social Change
  • Viet Nam: Culture and Development
  • Viet Nam: Ecology and Sustainability in the Mekong Delta

Funding for Study Abroad:

Be sure to review the information posted on the Scholarship and Research Awards Opportunities link!

Interdepartmental Degree Programs