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Redistribution in a Divided Society

Redistribution in a Divided Society

"Redistribution in a Divided Society" with guest speaker, Michael Wallerstein, Northwestern University, Department of Politicial Science. Burkle Seminar on Global Affairs, January 23, 2004

The politics of redistribution are intertwined with the politics of race -- Gilens has claimed that racial animosity has been the most important force against the growth of social welfare expenditures in the US compared to Western Europe. The racial/cultural dimension arises as well in Brazil, Belgium, Canada, Northern Ireland, Israel and elsewhere. This work models the interaction of redistribution, affirmative action and voting to ask who wins and who loses when policies can be based on ascriptive traits. (Joint work with David Austen-Smith)

The Seminar on Global Affairs is held roughly every two weeks and emphasizes interdisciplinary topics and includes scholars from other social sciences as well as public policy and law.

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