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IVB Hosted 6 Foreign Delegations in JanuaryJanuary 2007: Vice Chancellor Roberto D. Peccei (left) met with a seven-member UK delegation led by Lord David Sainsbury.

IVB Hosted 6 Foreign Delegations in January

Lord David Sainsbury led a seven-member group from the UK charged with reviewing the impact of national and regional governmental interventions in science and innovation.

The UCLA International Visitors Bureau facilitated campus visits by six international groups in January.

  • Jan. 16: A three-member delegation from Seoul National University in Korea paid a visit to UCLA. The delegation was made up of Dr. Shin-Bok Kim, Executive Vice President and Provost of the University, Dr. Jung-Cheol Shin, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education, and Mr. Jae-Sung Chung, the Director of the Division of Construction. The purpose of the group's visit was to investigate the overall governance system of the campus, the management of the board of trustees and the faculty senate, the decision making structure, as well as managerial differences between public and private universities. The delegation met with Dr Barbara Nelson, Dean and Professor of Public Policy in the School of Public Affairs, Nga Nguyen-Scott, Ph.D., Administrative Director of International Programs in the School of Public Affairs, Dr. Vivek Shetty, Chair of the Academic Senate, and Dr. Pat O'Brien, Executive Dean of the College of Letters and Science.
  • Jan. 18: A 24-member delegation made up of students, professors, and staff members from the Ajou University Graduate School of Education in Korea, visited the university's Center X to learn about teacher training in U.S. universities.
  • Jan. 23: Mr. Rodrigo Cortes, Executive Director of the Graduate Program in Technology Transfer at the University of Talca in Chile visited UCLA under the auspices of the State Department's International Visitor Program to learn about federalism in the United States; the U.S. experience in technology management, technology transfers, and technology incubators; international technology transfer cooperation; and patenting and licensing processes. Other objectives were observation of the national systems for innovation in science and technology and integration of universities and private sector into the biotechnology and agro industry, as well as the U.S. policies regarding those fields. To achieve these goals Mr. Cortes met with Dr. Kathryn Atchinson, Vice Provost of the Office of Intellectual Property, and Dr. Earl Weinsten, Director of Startups, Business Development, and Licensing in the Office of Technology Transfer within the Office of Intellectual Property. He finished with a tour of the campus.
  • Jan. 24: Lord David Sainsbury, former Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Science and Innovation and the leader of the Sainsbury Review of Science and Innovation Network led a seven-member delegation to UCLA. On behalf of Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown, the Sainsbury Review looks at the impact and balance of national and regional governmental interventions in science and innovation in the context of globalization. Additional visitors included Sir John Chisholm, Chairman of Qinteq and Advisory Panel Member of the Sainsbury Review, Sophie Dean, Her Majesty's Treasury Policy Advisor, Joe Burns, Personal Assistant and Political Advisor to Lord Sainsbury, David Wild, Deputy Consul-General in Los Angeles, Malcolm Mclean, Vice Consul for Science and Innovation Network at the British Consulate, and Beverly Xu, Science and Innovation Assistant at the British Consulate. The delegation met with Chancellor Norman Abrams, Vice Chancellor Roberto D. Peccei, and three representatives of the UCLA Office of Intellectual Property: Earl Weinsten, Ph.D., Ken Polasko, Ph.D., and Emily Waldron Loughran.
  • Jan. 26: Three delegates from Japan visited the university to discuss UCLA's accreditation process. Dr. Noboru Yamada, Associate Professor at the Nagaoka University of Technology, Takeru Terasawa, an Official at the Office for International Planning in the Higher Education Bureau of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, and Toru Higuchi, Unit Chief in the Higher Education Policy Planning Division in the Higher Education Bureau of the same Ministry started off their day at UCLA with a campus tour. They later met with Dr. Judith Smith, Dean and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education and Accreditation Liaison Officer.
  • Jan. 29: A 25-member student delegation from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Pohang University of Science and Technology in Korea, led by Professor Kwan Hyoung Kang, met with Professor Sungtack Ju of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering for an overview of the mechanical engineering department at UCLA, specifically robotics, mechatronics, and nanotechnology.  They also received a tour led by student Alice Won.

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