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New Winter Course: Theater of Japan: Kabuki

Using both written materials and videos, we will examine kabuki's literature and performance in the context of Japanese cultural history.

The class is open to all students, no prerequisites.   Students will have an opportunity to work in teams for research projects and presentations.

Theater 102A Winter 2004
Tuesdays 1:00-3:50
Macgowan 2310C
Professor Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei

Beginning with the outrageous cross-dressing Okuni, kabuki's female founder, through the all-male performances of the Tokugawa (Edo) era, to the nineteenth century's anti-establishment plays featuring bandits, murderers, and avenging ghosts, and into the present day- from attempts to "modernize" kabuki in the early twentieth century to contemporary practices such as "super kabuki" and "neo-kabuki"-- the course explores various aspects of a unique art.

Those interested in all aspects of theater, visual arts, literature, music and Japanese culture are encouraged to enroll.

For further information, please contact the Professor at or by phone at 310-206-6853

Terasaki Center for Japanese Studies