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Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowships

Mellon Foundation postdoctoral fellowships are available in four areas of specialization. For the 2004/2005 academic year, the areas of specialization are:

1) Asian Studies - The Department seeks candidates in the following fields:

1. Islamic Culture in Asia (Candidates should be engaged in research on Islamic cultures of East and/or Southeast Asia. Preference given to candidates working in one or more of the following areas: local language literatures and performance, legal culture, and modernist hermeneutics.) or

2. Asian and Comparative Literature (Candidates must work on the topics that help articulate the issues of gender and race with multi-ethnic and/or trans-national cultures in East and/or Southeast Asia in one or more of the following areas: visual studies, colonialism, the history of literacy, and globalization.

Preference is given to candidates with a strong linguistic background in classical or modern local languages who conduct research with a view to creating new area studies incentives.)

2) Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies - The program will welcome proposals reflecting diverse methodological approaches with respect to the intersections of gender and/or sexuality with each other and/or with race, class, ethnicity, and/or religion in the following regions: Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East.

3) History of Art - The Department seeks candidates specializing in the fields of contemporary art and critical theory with emphasis on African American, Asian, or Islamic art history and visual culture.

4) Science and Technology Studies - The Department seeks candidates specializing in the social aspects of science and technology. A Ph.D. is required in science & technology studies or a closely-related field, such as the history, sociology, or anthropology of science. Three or four postdoctoral teaching-research fellowships, each awarded for the one-year period beginning July 1, 2004, offer stipends of $35,000. While in residence at Cornell, postdoctoral fellows hold department affiliation, and have limited teaching duties and the opportunity for scholarly work.

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Deadline(s): 01/03/2004

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