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Vietnamese Journalists Seek UCLA Advice on Newsroom Design

Vietnamese Journalists Seek UCLA Advice on Newsroom Design

Staff of the Ho Chi Minh City daily Saigon Giaiphong tour Daily Bruin offices with construction engineer for ideas for their new newsroom.

By Gohar Grigorian

Three senior staff members of the Saigon Giaiphong (SGGP), the daily news publication for the Communist Party in Ho Chi Minh City, toured the Daily Bruin offices at UCLA June 26 along with an engineering consultant as part of a national study tour of newspaper facilities around the United States, to help them design an improved newsroom for their paper. Saigon Giaiphong, a State Department information sheet accompanying the visitors says, "is required reading for the City’s 200,000 party members, many of whom hold important positions in local government, state-owned enterprises, and mass organizations. The newspaper is a frequent critic of U.S. policies." In addition to the first deputy editor-in-chief and two managing editors of the newpaper, the delegation included Mr. Tin Trong Nguyen (Mr. Tin), representing the Vietnam Consulting and Construction Company, which is tasked with constructing the new newsroom for the Saigon Giaiphong.

The group was to spend two weeks in the United States, during which they visited Washington, DC; New York City; San Francisco; and Los Angeles to learn about the technical and business aspects of running a newspaper in the U.S. and to meet with their counterparts.

At UCLA they met with Kelly Rayburn, editor-in-chief of the Daily Bruin, and Amy Emmert, the Daily Bruin's Student Media Advisor.

In addition to surveying the layout and technical logistics of the Bruin's production, the journalists in the group asked questions about newsroom management, international news coverage, marketing and advertising, and accuracy in reporting.

In the photo above, the visitors from left to right are: Mr. TIN Trong Nguyen (Mr. Tin), of the  Vietnam Construction and Consulting Company; Mr. KE Quoc Ngo (Mr. Ke), Managing Editor, Saigon Giaipong daily newspaper, Ho Chi Minh City; Mr. DAT Trong Duong (Mr. Dat), First Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Saigon Giaipong; and Mr. PHONG Tan Nguyen (Mr. Phong), also a managing editor of the Saigon Giaipong.

Their visit to UCLA was hosted by the International Institute's International Visitors Bureau.


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