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Middle East - United States Intersections: Integrating the Middle East Into American Politics, Society, and Culture

2006 Summer Teacher Training Workshops

10-day workshop, July 22-August 3, 2006
(9 am-4 pm daily, excluding weekends except first Saturday)
4 LAUSD multicultural general salary credits or 4 University Extension quarter-units
Most suitable to middle school and high school history and social studies teachers

This interdisciplinary seminar will clarify how Middle Eastern peoples and events have helped shape the American experience by examining Middle Eastern influences on U.S. history, politics, economics, literature, and culture. This exploration of Middle East-United States intersections also helps redress the insular presentation of U.S. history and experience and to enhance understanding of the United States' place in the global system, especially its relationships with non-western societies.

We will highlight five interrelated themes in a manner consistent with the California history, social science, and language frameworks: official U.S. foreign policy and intervention in the Middle East; U.S.-Middle East interdependence in a global perspective; Middle Eastern immigrants in the U.S.; Middle Eastern cultural influences in the U.S.; and Middle Eastern/U.S. perceptions and stereotypes.

Organized by the Center for Near Eastern Studies and the History/Geography Subject Matter Project, UCLA.

Center for Near Eastern Studies