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Design | Media Arts Majors

An overview of EAP Programs for Design | Media Arts Majors

Where to go

The following programs (all taught in English) may be good matches for your major, though you are encouraged to explore other options as well:

  • Australia, University of New South Wales
    All areas of design, including industrial and jewelry
  • Canada, University of British Columbia
    Emphasis on Interior Architecture
  • Denmark, International Study Program
    Emphasis on Interior Architecture
  • Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
    Emphasis on Textile/Clothing Design
  • New Zealand, Massey University
  • All areas of design, including industrial
  • Turkey, Middle East Technical University
    Emphasis on Industrial Design
  • United Kingdom, University of Leeds
    All areas of design, with an extremely comprehensive program in textile/fashion design and marketing

In addition, the UC Education Abroad Program offers two special features to help you choose the right program.

  • The Program Wizard can help you find possible programs of interest.
  • The Coursefinder database includes descriptions of all courses taken by UC students while on EAP programs. Please note that it does not include all courses offered by the host university, only those that have been taken and submitted for approval by UC students.

What classes to take

All classes taken on the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) are UC approved courses and count toward your 180 unit requirement for graduation; however, your major has the final authority to determine how the coursework is used to fulfill specific major requirements.

Courses are approved on a case by case basis and generally used for elective credit. Before going abroad, students should discuss with the department advisor which EAP courses the department will approve for credit toward a major or minor. Students can often make changes to their study plan once they arrive in their country of choice, but should consult with the undergraduate staff advisor by e-mail first.

Design & Media Arts Department Contact Information

Carolyn Ramirez-La Faso
Student Advisor
Broad Art Center, 240 Charles E. Young Drive
Telephone: 310-267-4907
Department website

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