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College of Letters and Science Requirements and EAP

Guidelines for EAP Students enrolled in the UCLA College of Letters and Sciences.

Honors Counseling for EAP Students

Once you have been accepted to EAP, your College records will be transferred to Honors Programs and from that point forward, you will receive all of your College related academic services, including counseling, through the Honors Office. Students MUST read the “ UCLA College of Letters and Science Guidelines” section below to make sure they meet the guidelines for the College of Letters and Science.

You must meet with an Honors Counselor prior to your EAP participation if you...

  • will complete 160 cumulative units before you leave for your EAP destination
  • might exceed your maximum number of units allowed (as stated on your DPR)
  • plan to graduate while abroad
  • plan to complete GE courses while abroad
  • have any additional questions or concerns about any of the items below

UCLA College of Letters and Science Guidelines for EAP Students

Senior Residence Requirement

The Senior Residence Requirement states that 35 of the final 45 units completed for the degree must be earned in residence in the UCLA College of Letters and Science. A student who is enrolled in the Education Abroad program may satisfy the Senior Residence Requirement by earning 35 of the final 90 units (usually your 3 rd & 4 th yr) in residence in the UCLA College of Letters and Science. A student who completes final requirements for graduation while in the Education Abroad Program may satisfy the Senior Residence Requirement in the final 45 units preceding the student's entrance into the Education Abroad Program.

Coursework taken on EAP does not count toward Senior Residence.

Residence in the Major

All students need to complete at least 24 UD units in their major (excluding allied fields) in residence at UCLA.

Coursework taken on EAP does not count toward Residence in your major.

Application of EAP Courses to UCLA Degree Requirements

EAP course numbers do not correspond to those at UCLA. If you intend to use courses taken abroad to satisfy specific graduation requirements please consult the appropriate department for information on acceptable substitutions -- for your major, you will need to consult your major department; and for General Education, consult an Honors Programs counselor. Please be aware that you must be able to complete your EAP coursework and all degree requirements within your unit maximum (refer to your DPR).

Completion of Degree Requirements While Abroad

If you will not be returning to UCLA and will be completing final work for your degree while abroad, please be aware that the posting of your degree could be delayed.

Honors with the Bachelor’s Degree

Grades earned in courses taken on EAP will be applied toward eligibility for Latin Honors ("Honors with the Bachelor's Degree), i.e. cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude.

College Honors Credit for Coursework Taken Abroad

If you are a College Honors student, you may petition for a limited amount of honors credit for work taken at your host institution. As is the case with UCLA honors courses, in order to apply an EAP course toward satisfaction of College Honors requirements, you must earn a grade of "B" or better. In order to request review of a course (s) for honors credit, you must submit a petition with the Honors Programs office in A311 Murphy Hall.

If you entered UCLA as a freshman, you are eligible to apply up to 12 units from EAP toward your CH progress. If you entered as a transfer student, you are eligible to apply up to 12 units if no units were applied from your transfer institution. If 8 units from your transfer institution were applied to CH, you will be eligible to apply up to 4 units from EAP.

Credit Limitations for the degree

  • a maximum of 8 units of credit will be allowed for Intensive Language Program courses
  • a maximum of 48 units of EAP credit will be allowed toward the UCLA degree
  • For a grand total of 56 units maximum, which can be applied toward your degree.

Honors Programs Office Contact

A-311 Murphy Hall
Telephone: (310) 825-1553
Department website:

Education Abroad Program