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How to submit an application.

Please read the following application policies carefully as this will help you in planning your time when applying for an EAP program.

  • Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Only complete applications will be accepted.

A complete application:

  • Has all components, including the signed Academic Planning Form and any required letters of recommendation
  • Is correctly collated into separate sets in the order listed in the online application instructions
  • Has the correct number of copies
  • Has no staples; use paperclips only

Please be sure to see your departmental counselor well in advance of the deadline, as this part of the process may take several weeks. Refer to the Academic Planning Form instructions online for guidance on which of your counselors (major 1, major 2, minor) you need to see if you have more than one academic counselor.

The only application item the EAP office will copy for you is your letter(s) of recommendation. No Exceptions!

You can only schedule one 15-minute appointment before the application deadline to ask follow-up questions after an initial advising appointment. We are happy to answer questions that do not appear in printed materials or on the website.

If you have an unavoidable reason for not being able to turn in the application on the deadline, please contact your EAP counselor in advance to make other arrangements.Most application questions can be answered by reading the application instructions carefully.

Please review the UCLA EAP website and the UC-Wide EAP website for answers to other common questions.

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