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Schedule an appointment with an EAP counselor

The purpose of the Application Appointment is for you to verify that you have chosen the program that best fits your needs. Be prepared to discuss your program choice, your proposed plan of study, your eligibility for the program and any questions you may have.

Application Appointments are usually scheduled for 20 minute blocks. Please take into consideration that our counselors often have back-to-back appointments, especially during peak times. It is probable that the counselor will not be able to extend the time of your appointment if you arrive late and that our staff will not be able to reschedule another meeting for several weeks if you miss your appointment.

To cancel an appointment, contact the UCLA EAP Office. Provide your name, date and time of appointment. We appreciate your calling to cancel with enough lead time for our staff to be able to schedule another student during that time-frame. Thank you for your consideration to the other UCLA students and to our counselors.

Education Abroad Program