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Learn More About EAP

There are several ways that parents can learn more about the Education Abroad Program. First, this website will give you a thorough introduction to many facets of EAP, including:

EAP offers an annual Parents Orientation for all parents of students going abroad on EAP. The orientation is held one evening in the Spring quarter and provides parents an opportunity to learn more about EAP, hear about study abroad from UCLA students who have gone on EAP, and meet EAP staff. Parents are invited to attend with the knowledge and approval of their children. For background information on how the EAP office communicates with parents, please read about the Family Educational Records Privacy Act (FERPA).

Parents are welcome to read everything they can about EAP, including the EAP General and Country Guides that all students receive. We recommend you consult with your daughter or son about looking through their program materials.

Education Abroad Program