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A Letter to the Parents

Dear Parents of EAP Students:

Congratulations on your child's decision to study abroad. From our experience, UCLA students who study abroad are inquisitive, open-minded, and eager to engage in hands-on learning about our world. Your child's interest in enhancing their UCLA education through international educational exchange says a lot about what kind of person you raised.

Whether your child is preparing to study abroad, currently on EAP, or a returnee, you have an important role to play. It is important for most students that their parents understand and support their time abroad. The easiest way to do this is to learn about what the study abroad experience through EAP has to offer him or her, and then prepare for an intense learning period that will have its peaks and valleys, but ultimately leave a lasting positive impact.

Within the University of California system, we have noticed an increased student interest in the world we live in, especially since September 11, 2001. Study abroad applications have increased in the last year, reflecting a national trend. As our world becomes more complex and interdependent, the value of international living and study increases.

As you may know from our program overview, EAP is a UC-wide study abroad program that has provided high quality, very affordable academic opportunities for thousands of UC students at our partner institutions all over the world for the last 40 years. We in the UCLA EAP office are dedicated to making these opportunities available to an increasing number of UCLA students through more flexible offerings and increased scholarship opportunities. We are committed to helping prepare and support them through their time on EAP.

Ultimately, EAP will help your child develop into a world citizen who understands, appreciates, and contributes positively to a rapidly changing world. We welcome you to the EAP family of supporters.

-- The UCLA EAP Team

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