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Congratulations to UCLA's 2004-2005 Asian Studies Graduates

Forty-nine students to receive degrees for their work on South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

The students below have completed vigorous interdepartmental programs focusing on East, Southeast, or South Asia and we are proud to acknowledge their hard work. Congratulations to all of them and to their families on this great accomplishment. They will receive their degrees at the UCLA International commencement.

In addition to these students, more than two hundred other students have focused on Asia in pursing degrees in more than twenty disciplines ranging from anthropology and business economics to sociology and world arts and cultures.

East Asian Studies Master of Arts Degree Recipients

About the East Asian Studies M.A. Program

  • Shu Farmer
  • Samantha Fiske
  • Lawrence Kao
  • Judith Marasco
  • Franz Prichard
  • Justin Winslett

East Asian Studies Bachelor of Arts Degree Recipients

About East Asian Studies BA Program

  • Sanghoon Ahn
  • Jung Won An
  • David Boyd
  • Carolyn Chan
  • Linda Choi
  • James Hsiao
  • Marissa Huang
  • Susan Hwabg
  • Na Jung Kim
  • Casey Kimmel
  • Jodi Kohlmeyer
  • Wing Nok Lam
  • Sze Nga Lay
  • Chiung-Yin Liu
  • Mikiko Mori
  • Chiharu Nakayama
  • Bo Gum Park
  • Jeremy Perttula
  • Jimmy Quach
  • Junie Quah
  • Michael Reyes
  • Yumemi Sakurai
  • Ting Sheng
  • Issei Shimizu
  • I Chun Su
  • Darren Vuong
  • Jonelle Williams
  • Linda Wu
  • Mayumi Yamaguchi
  • Stacy Yamaoka
  • Michael Yo
  • Tairan Zhang

Southeast Asian Studies Bachelor of Arts Degree Recipients

About the Southeast Asian Studies B.A. Program

  • Ava Aenoy Phengsy
  • Duong Ton
  • Thy Anh Tran
  • Yuko Takahashia

South Asian Studies Minor

About the South Asian Studies Minor

  • Prathima Charugundla
  • Ajita Gupta
  • Sangeeta Kalsi
  • Sheena Maharaj
  • Sana Muttalib
  • Azima Subedar
  • Preeti Vissa

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