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Global Crises, Global Solutions

edited by Bjørn Lomborg. Reading for week of June 14, 2005.

At its heart, the focus for the Copenhagen Consensus was very simple - it was to address the current global crises and come up with a list of the best solutions.  The core idea is simple:  with scarce resources to tackle the problems of the world, prioritization is necessary.  Not being willing to prioritize does not make the problem go away:  it simply becomes less clear - and, most likely, more expensive to solve in the end.  The result is that our ability to do good is less than it could have been .  Thus, very simply we need to know what we should do first.  The practical aim of the Copenhagen Consensus was an attempt to present the best information available from economic studies as a ranked list of the very best projects to do in the world.

Download File: PERG.lomborg.pdf

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